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232 George Street, Amherstburg Ontario N9V 2E9 •519-736-4646
Since 1836



It has been just over seven months since we moved back into our sanctuary and so much has happened already!We had our annual prayer brunch in February and in March we had our Joint Sunrise Easter Service with Mount Beulah Church. At the end of April, AFBC was the proud host of Baptist Women’s Sunday service. 


The church has continued to have Salt Light Ambassador Branches (SLAB) youth nights, monthly visits to Richmond Terrace Rest Home and Thursdayprayer hours. Women’s bible studies have been moved to 10:30am due to a change in schedule, and the church is continuing to visit Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Missions 2-4 times a week. In addition, the Healthy Lifestyle Program has been established at AFBC, last year God has blessed us with a government grant to hire a university student for 11 weeks to help coordinate the class. Her contract started in June and will last until mid-August.  Along with the student, a registered nurse has generously volunteered to help lead and instruct the class which includes diet, physical fitness and stress management. Currently we are having these classes twice a week, Wednesdays at 1:00pm and Friday at 7:00pm. 


Furthermore, the Lord has continued to add to our numbers, we have two individuals and a couple that have committed to coming to our church regularly. 


With regards to renovation, AFBC has accomplished a considerable amount.  The ground in the backyard was leveled out and a vegetable garden was established for the healthy lifestyle class. The old siding from the back of the church was also removed and covered with a protective barrier to prevent water damage.  The front yard had some landscaping work done and is currently sporting green foliage and pink flowers. 

Inside the church, the rectory and kitchen was re-organized and cleaned to create a functional yet open space. A portion of the sanctuary floors were renovated along with the main wall. The altar, all the pews and historic pieces of furniture were returned to their original position. 


Although we have made great progress in our church renovations, there is much more work that still needs to be accomplished. The backyard needs more topsoil and grass, the back of the church still needs siding, the entrance of the church needs to be cleaned, the backdrop of the sanctuary wall needs to be finished along with the remaining  sanctuary floor. 


Another project that AFBC has been working on, is raising funds for outreach and renovation. We are selling christian merchandises which includes t shirts, key chains, and bracelets. For more information, please visit our fundraiser page. 



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