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Pastor O.A. Afolabi was born in West Africa but came to Canada with his wife and children a few years ago. He became a Christian as a young  man  in 1963 during an open air evangelistic campaign. He worked with the American Southern Baptist missionaries from 1963 to 1973 through whom he was introduced to Baptist denomination.

Moreover, in 1973, Pastor Afolabi  became involved with the ministry of the Scripture Union (SU), an evangelical christian group that has dynamically and greatly impacted a larger part of Africa by targeting the youth. It was through this group that he became spiritually nurtured by the way of Bible studies, prayer meetings, quarterly camps, conferences and similar Christian fellowships. As a result of all these, Pastor Afolabi became a Preacher at Large at several high schools, technical colleges, village churches, open air evangelical campaigns, camps and conferences. He was also heavily involved in house-to-house and street evangelism. 

Pastor Afolabi and his wife Abiola met during one of the conferences in 1974 and were married in 1979. The Lord has blessed the union with five godly children-three while in Africa and two while in Canada. The whole family has been an encouragement to the life of our Pastor and the ministry.

Pastor Afolabi acquired his theological education from Atlantic Baptist University in Moncton, New Brunswick and University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario. He also had more studies at Oxford Graduate School, Dayton ,Tennessee  in USA , which also led him on a  temporary trip to Oxford University in England as part of his course work.


232 George Street, Amherstburg Ontario N9V 2E9 •519-736-4646
Since 1836

While in Moncton, New Brunswick, our Pastor served as the Pastor of Upper Coverdale Baptist Church in Turtle Creek and eventually moved to Windsor with his family.

On the aspect of the ministry, our Pastor, among other things, lays strong emphasis on the power of the Word of God and the importance of prayer.


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